TOJ SC204 2.0L

TOJ SC204 2.0L
Body Color: Gold
Power (cv): 310
Cubic Capacity: 1,996 cc
Number of cylinders: 4
Gearbox: Hewland FG 400
Layout: RWD
Seats: 2
Damage free
Fully restored
Full service history
Full Historical Record
Track ready

TOJ means “Team Obermoser Jorg” from the name of the manufacturers and SC for “Sports Cars”. The number “204” must be divided into 2 parts: “2” for 2 Liter category and “04” for 4th series of cars built (1 series built per year).

This car has its authentication plate (N°13) as well as its original technical passport. This car was used by the Swiss team “Schulthess” during the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1976.

“Palmarès” :

  • 24h of Le Mans 1976 (n°25)
  • 1000 kms of Monza 1976 (n°46)
  • Eggberg Klassik 1976 (n°29)
  • Course de Côte de Ayent-Anzère 1976 (n°42)
  • GoldPokal Hockenheim 1976 (n°53)
  • Course de Côte Saint Ursanne les Rangiers 1976 (n°16)
  • Course de Côte Villars Burquin 1976 (n°194)
  • Preis der Nationen 1976 (n°53)
  • DMV Aires 1977 (n°46)
  • Osterring (n°64)

The car has been completely restored in 2012 and took part in several meetings of the Peter Auto championship in the CER2 category. In 2018, the chassis and the bodywork were redone (invoices available). The car is therefore in excellent condition and is ready to race next season in the Peter Auto championship (CER2), Le Mans Classic and/or in Masters Historic Racing.

Visible in our showroom in Uccle, on appointment

More information and visit on request. We speak also French, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese – +32.493.302.185 or +32.478.29.24.72


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